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See how [x]PM can help you pinpoint the root cause of application performance issues

Detect all outliers

Analyze 100% of transactions, with no upfront sampling, so you never miss an outlier again. Manage SLOs along any dimension and establish automated alerts for abnormal behavior.

Streamline root cause analysis

Real-time intelligent analysis without cardinality constraints provides a deep understanding of complex system behavior, eliminates the need to rely on intuition, and streamlines root cause analysis.

Trace transactions across every layer

Examine complete traces from web and mobile clients down to low-level services and back. Jump to bottlenecks with automated critical path detection and view related tags, log payloads, and error information inline for context.

Share full system analyses across teams

Share precise, detailed views of system performance at a given point in time, including hundreds of traces with [x]PM Snapshots. Snapshots make it easy to bring teammates up to speed during live incidents and improve the efficiency of post-mortems.

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