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How Zalando scales with Lightstep Observability: Interview with Zalando and Lightstep

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In this webinar you’ll learn how a world class organization leverages Lightstep’s Observability platform to understand their software performance and avoid downtime. Listen as two observability experts discuss their trade.

Zalando is a leading online clothing retailer in Europe with 45M customers across 23 countries and over 2,000 mission-critical services for their eCommerce platform. In this live interview, we will talk to Zalando about the observability challenges they faced in the leadup to Cyberweek, the steps they took to overcome them, and how understanding change is now setting their business up for success.

In this 50-minute on-demand webinar, you'll learn:

  • What goes into handling Cyberweek scale at Zalando
  • How Zalando unified Observability with Lightstep
  • Ways to reduce logging spend with tracing and Lightstep
  • Best practices for building out an Observability first organization

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