Announcing Percentiles for Distribution Metrics

Lightstep is excited to announce that customers can now easily view and plot percentiles using distribution metrics.

These changes allow users to:

  • At a glance view a metrics distribution, quickly spotting significantly different performance levels
  • Identify edge cases faster with p99.9, p99, p95, p50 percentiles represented as a line chart
  • Quickly pinpoint performance issues with min, max, and average

Distribution Metrics are priced higher than Lightstep’s existing metrics and are charged at a rate of 5 ATS per Distribution Metric. Please use the form on the right to authorize Lightstep to enable Distribution Metrics for your account.

"Lightstep tells us about performance problems within seconds, and we're able to go straight to the root cause in the production system."

Rob Figueredo, Vice President of Engineering