99 Percent Visible Tech Talks: Cindy Sridharan

On-demand webinar

Users expect new features – but they also expect uninterrupted service. Zero downtime deployments are a way to achieve both of these goals. But what does “zero downtime” mean and how can we deliver it?

Join Lightstep's CTO, Spoons, and infrastructure engineer and author of Distributed Systems Observability with O'Reilly, Cindy Sridharan, as they unpack how to build reliable software applications. This on-demand webinar covers:

  • Analyzing which strategies truly provide "zero downtime" deployments, including red/black (blue/green) deployments, rolling deployments, and canaries.
  • How different kinds of infrastructure can help, including service discovery, proxies, and the kernel itself.
  • The role of observability in zero downtime deployments – what to measure, what to alert on, and how to debug them.