Observability Best Practices & OpenTelemetry

On Demand Webinar

This year's virtual o11yfest was packed with valuable insight geared toward observability system and process solutions. In a session led by Skyscanner’s Principal Engineer, Daniel Gomez Blanco, we learned how to transparently migrate 300+ services to OpenTelemetry. In this conversation, Lightstep's Ted Young will follow-up with Daniel by diving even deeper into this topic.

In this 30-minute discussion, you'll learn:

  • How OpenTelemetry enables teams to better understand software performance and behavior
  • Best practices for deploying and operating a telemetry system at scale
  • How to minimize developer hours spent on observability while maximizing coverage and quality

Hosted by:

Ted Young

Ted Young is a co-founder of the OpenTelemetry project, and currently works as Director of Developer Education at Lightstep. He lives on a tiny farm in Portland, Oregon.

Interview with:

Daniel Gomez Blanco

Dan is a Principal Engineer at Skyscanner, leading their observability transformation to ensure travellers get a reliable and performant experience when booking their next holiday. He's a big advocate of open standards and CNCF projects like OpenTelemetry to back the instrumentation and collection of telemetry data. He has worked both in big and small companies and institutions, from CERN to SKIPJAQ, always building software and infrastructure to reduce the cognitive load associated with supporting production services.