Everything (we think) you need to know about sampling + distributed tracing

Ben Sigelman

Lightstep Co-founder and General Manager

Ted Young

Director of Developer Education at Lightstep

On-Demand Webinar

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Distributed tracing and structured event telemetry can be both incredibly valuable and incredibly costly. To control the ROI, we must sample the telemetry data – but how?

Since Dapper (the first production distributed tracing system, developed at Google by our webinar co-host Ben Sigelman!) sampling has been a central part of the design for distributed tracing. And yet we’re still in the early days, and there’s so much to learn and discuss.

View our 30-minute on-demand webinar for an insightful (and likely entertaining) conversation about distributed tracing. You’ll learn:

  • Sampling 101: why do we need it and what is it?
  • The relationship between sampling and level-of-detail
  • Different sampling strategies and the tradeoffs between them
  • How sampling fits into the broader picture of observability, well beyond distributed tracing