Why tracing will replace (most) logging

On-demand webinar

Presented by Ben Sigelman
Lightstep co-founder and CEO

In this webinar, Lightstep co-founder and CEO, Ben Sigelman, and OpenTelemetry co-founder, Ted Young, will discuss why tracing will gradually replace logging for distributed or cloud-native architectures.

Topics covered in this 30-minute webinar include:

  • How modern observability changes the need for telemetry data
  • Why tracing outperforms logging (hint: it’s related to context)
  • What happens when DevOps teams adopt OpenTelemetry

Ben Sigelman

Ben Sigelman is a co-founder and the CEO at Lightstep, a co-creator of Dapper (Google's distributed tracing system), Monarch (Google's metrics system), and the CNCF's OpenTelemetry project.

Ben's work and interests gravitate towards observability, especially where microservices, high transaction volumes, and large engineering organizations are involved.