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Focus on insights, not individual traces

LightStep Tracing is far more than a trace viewer. It selects and aggregates traces to explain the symptoms that matter the most to you.

  • Build dynamic system diagrams around any service or tag
  • Share Snapshots that aggregate and summarize thousands of related traces
  • Go beyond p99 using real-time histograms

Drill down with unlimited cardinality, no lag, and no sampling

LightStep Tracing absorbs 100% of your tracing data and indexes it immediately, with no caveats about the number of tag values.

  • No upfront sampling
  • Isolate individual users, releases, experiments, and more
  • Pure SaaS: no heavy agents or daemons

Tie mobile experiences to backend behavior with unbroken traces

LightStep Tracing works with 11 languages and all major operating systems, cloud providers, service meshes, and serverless frameworks.

  • True end-to-end traces, no matter the device or platform
  • Correlate end-user performance with the behavior of microservices and serverless functions
  • Monoliths, too: connect the new to the old and accelerate your platform migration

Your tracing investment is just that: yours

LightStep Tracing integrates easily with hundreds of projects that already support OpenTracing, and is an ideal development environment for any custom instrumentation you choose to add.

  • All LightStep Tracing instrumentation is “portable by design” – switch to another OpenTracing-compatible tool at any point
  • Support for other tracing data and API standards, including w3c trace-context
  • Debug instrumentation interactively, in real time
  • Share in-progress work with teammates via Snapshots

LightStep: continuing to pioneer distributed tracing

LightStep aims to help people design and build better production systems at scale. Ben Sigelman, LightStep CEO and Co-founder was one of the creators of Dapper, Google’s distributed tracing solution. We’re creators of OpenTracing, the open standard, vendor-neutral solution for API instrumentation. And we provide our own commercial solution for enterprises that want to harness the power of comprehensive trace data.

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