Lightstep Teams Plan

$0 per host. $0 per container. $0 per user.

You’ll be billed monthly based on the number of Subscription Units you select. Usage can be viewed at any time by going to the “View Billing & Usage” page inside Lightstep.

Pricing is based on the following ratios, where one Subscription Unit costs USD $1

Managed Cloud Observability Resource Type Resource Unit Measurement Subscription Unit : Managed Cloud Observability Resource Ratio
Trace Data Ingest GB 1 : 10
Trace Data Retention GB-Days 1 : 32
Log Data Ingest GB 1 : 10
Log Data Hot Retention GB-Days 1 : 20
Log Data Cold Retention GB-Days 1 : 100
Metrics Active Time Series 1 : 25
Extended Metrics Retention Active Time Series-Days 1 : 2500

If you need to adjust the number of Subscription Units purchased, please contact us to make a change.

Pricing FAQs can be found on our Pricing Page.

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